Free & fast

Sync.It is a free Windows application that allows you to easily synchronize drives, folders and files. For this purpose, the program compares the existence as well as the modification date of folders and files in source and destination. No content comparison is performed. Run jobs directly or run a preview first. The program also allows you to adjust the date of modification of the target files to that of the source files. All actions can be logged in separate log files in detail.

Convenient & integrated

Use either the listview or the treeview for results. All file operations are executed internally in the program; no explorer dialogs appear. Occurring errors do not lead to abort, but are displayed in the results accordingly. The progress is visualized for all files as well as separately for the currently processed file. The application can be updated via the automatic update function and has a built-in help as well.

Adjustable & sustainable

Define whether you want to copy, delete, or ignore files which exist only in the destination. Specify file and folder filters as well as allowed time tolerances. All actions can be logged in detail into an HTML file for each job, continuously growing or recreated each time.


The program runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP both under 32 and under 64 bit. Users of Windows XP must ensure that the .Net Framework 4 is installed! Either use the installer or manually extract the zip file, which contains all the required files too.

Version 21 - March 11, 2019